Employee services is not a zero sum game. Full employment does not ensure maximum production and the defining characteristic of an employee should never simply be a heartbeat or drawing a breath.

There is no more important, more valuable resource than employees who ultimately determine your success and failure as a business. Day Star’s 4M System will decrease the time you invest in employee services concerns and increase the productivity in your business.


Day Star will track and manage all of our employees. How can we promise you peak performance if we don’t know what our employees are doing?


Day Star will work with you to determine what you are looking for from our employees in terms of production, performance and process. We then consistently quantify the 3 P’s and provide you reports on status and updates.


Day Star will meet with you, as needed, to make adjustments to the project. We call this Calibration Meetings. Calibrating and adjusting what we are doing to ensure top end results.


With adjustments made and implemented your organization will see increased production, reduced downtime and improvement to the overall work environment.

Take the 4M Assessment

and find out where you stand:

  1. Does your employee services company manage their workers?
  2. Have any changes your employee services company made resulted in reduction of the time you spend on staffing?
  3. Does your employee services company walk the work area and coach their workers?
  4. Has your employee services company developed a system to measure the production of their workers?
  5. Have any changes your employee services company made resulted in productivity increases?
  6. Does your employee services company provide reports to the status and performance of their workers?
  7. Does your employee services company meet with you to course correct on production and employee issues?
  8. Have any changes your employee services company made resulted in decrease of employee cost?

Answering no to any of these questions means there are issues that can negatively affect you and your company, but more importantly, you don’t have to settle for it anymore.

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